Byte To Json Python

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Created on: 2021-01-04 22:04:15

import json

my_bytes_value = b'[{\'Date\': \'2016-05-21T21:35:40Z\', \'CreationDate\': \'2012-05-05\', \'LogoType\': \'png\', \'Ref\': 164611595, \'Classe\': [\'Email addresses\', \'Passwords\'],\'Link\':\'\'}]'

# Decode UTF-8 bytes to Unicode, and convert single quotes 
# to double quotes to make it valid JSON
my_json = my_bytes_value.decode('utf8').replace("'", '"')
print('- ' * 20)

# Load the JSON to a Python list & dump it back out as formatted JSON
data = json.loads(my_json)
s = json.dumps(data, indent=4, sort_keys=True)
I want to parse a bytes string in JSON format to convert it into python objects. This is the source I have: my_bytes_value = b'[{\'Date\': \'2016-05-21T21:35:40Z\', \'CreationDate\': \'2012-05-05\'...