Day To Day Activities

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Created on: 2020-12-05 06:06:50

My shift starts at 8am,
first thing I check my email for the results of my
smoke test which is scheduled to execute at 6 am, at
the end of execution it will auto generate a report and
send out to the whole team (purpose of smoke test
make sure that the application is up and running.)
If there is a problem;
I will rerun the smoke test and analyze if the
problem is from environment or from my script.
- If it is a service issue, I will immediately contact devops?
- If it is about my scripts, I will debug my scripts
- If it is a bug, I will reproduce it and log the defect.
Then I check my emails which I may have received yesterday
after I left my desk, to make sure that I am not missing
anything from yesterday.
Then I open and check my Jira board, basically getting ready
for my daily stand up which takes place at 10 am everyday.
At stand up as a team we discuss what we did yesterday,
what we are working on right now and more importantly
if there are impediment/blockers holding me to do my
job, impediments. By the way, I also stand up at this meeting
to share team mates feelings.
After stand up I go back to my desk and start working on my
tasks. We have a core hour policy till 12:00 for about 2 hours
in our company; and everybody head down and work at that
time period, no distraction, no one can set up a meeting after
daily standup till noon.
My tasks differ depending on which part of sprint our
team is.
Let's say if it is early sprint,
I would participate in planning and grooming meeting
where we go over the user stories and pointing them.
Also, I would work on maintaining my framework,
participate in test scenario reviews.
Towards the mid sprint where the code is being released,
I would complete my automation and start execution.
If it is towards to the end of the sprint, I would be busy
with getting reports ready and participate in demo.
Also, we have retro at the end of the sprint.
Every Tuesdays we have lunch and learn session where
we share our coding and automation experience, we do this as
a brown bag lunch, and it really helps us increase our
overall productivity, saving the company resources and money
but also, gives us the valuable opportunity to get to know each
Also, every Friday we have code review meeting among
automation testers of the project.
As I know java, I also participate in developers code
review meetings just to get an idea of the code.
So, this is basically my day
Day To Day Activities